About উন্মাদ Products

উন্মাদ Products is a sister concern of the Magazine that has derived from the long time demand of the readers, fan of উন্মাদ Magazine and general population of the country. Due to the reason, উন্মাদ Products has been producing, and marketing different popular bi-products, such as stickers, T-shirts, caps, mugs, key rings, bags, pen holders and other small gift items with social messages for fun loving people with good sense of humor. In addition, Unmad Products is also aiming at providing custom made products for the corporate and other clients as promotional items or business gifts to boost their business.

উন্মাদ Products, has been formed July 2010, to Support উন্মাদ, by producing bi-products.
During last 34 years, উন্মাদ made millions of fan in Bangladesh.

Mission of Unmad Products:
• Promote local culture and heritage especially through cartoon;
• Making space for young cartoonists and using carton as a media of art for positive social change;
• Enhance awareness on socio-cultural and economic issues;
• Create employment opportunities;
• Support local producers in introducing innovative ideas and help them in marketing their products;
• Developing social network for fun, peace and harmony in the society;

• Contributing in the national economy.